Strategic Global Advisors

    Business Alliances


Portfolio Management & Research

Strategic Global Advisors    Cynthia Tusan, CFA (CEO, Senior Portfolio Manager) [more]
   Gary Baierl, PhD (Chief Investment Officer)  [more]
   Mark Wimer, CFA (Senior Portfolio Manager)  [more]
   Cherie Badri, CFA (Director of Fundamental Research, Senior Portfolio Manager)  [more]
   Brendan Skarra-Corson, CFA (Senior Portfolio Manager)  [more]
   Adam Hauptman, CFA (Senior Fundamental Analyst)  [more]
   Sylvester Malapas, CFA (Senior Fundamental Analyst)  [more]
   David Cai, CFA (Senior Research Analyst)  [more]
   Vaibhav Kumar (Research Analyst)  [more]
   Stephen Smith (Head Trader)  [more]

Client Service
   Sam King, CFA (Director of Marketing)  [more]
   Susan Bandy, CFA (Director of Client Service)  [more]
   R. Barney Walker (Director of Institutional Investments)  [more]
   John Dewey (Director of Institutional Investments)  [more]
   Doug McGrath (Associate Director, Institutional Investments)  [more]


   Brett Gallagher (President)  [more]

Operations, Compliance & Technology

   Joel Reynolds (Chief Compliance Officer)  [more]
   Elyse Waldinger (Chief Operating Officer)  [more]
   Michelle Hudson (Senior Compliance Officer)  [more]
   Steven Via (Senior Manager, Technology)  [more]

Advisory Board

   Professor Richard Frankel, PhD  [more]
   Professor Michael Brennan, PhD  [more]
   Professor Richard Sloan, PhD  [more]
   William Michael Borland, CFA  [more]
   Alison Davis  [more]
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