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April 26, 2013 Observations from CQA Spring Research Conference
Nearly six years later the industry is still sorting out why many quantitatively focused managers performed poorly in August 2007. One potential culprit to emerge in the continuing search for answers is the use by multiple managers of the same risk model. Is this phenomenon to blame or is it more complicated than that? SGA portfolio manager Mark Wimer recently attended the The Chicago Quantitative Alliance’s spring conference and shares his thoughts from a presentation on this topic. Click here to read Mark’s report.

April 19, 2012 Observations from CQA Spring Research Conference
The Chicago Quantitative Alliance’s spring conference in Las Vegas had everything from a look at single country vs. multi-country risk models and how internet radio website Pandora uses algorithms to determine musical tastes, to a surprise appearance from Harry Markowitz. However, talks on style driven investing and frontier markets were what caught the attention of SGA’s Mark Wimer. Click here to read Mark’s report.

December 31, 2011 Opportunities in Emerging Markets - Inefficiencies Can Provide Opportunity
An explosion in the availability of company specific data over the past decade has allowed SGA to apply its proprietary quantitative modeling process in both developed and emerging markets. When coupled with a relative lack of analyst coverage, this spike in available data has provided SGA with an even richer opportunity set in emerging markets.

With the impressive growth in emerging market economies over the past two decades and the build-out of capital markets and infrastructure in these countries, investment opportunities in emerging market countries has also grown quickly. Sell-side analysts have increased coverage over time, but there are still many under-researched companies and market inefficiencies. In this brief research study, we examine potential reasons for the particular effectiveness of our proprietary Alpha model in evaluating companies in emerging markets. We also examine trends in company specific data availability and sell-side analyst coverage in emerging markets.
SGA Emerging Markets Whitepaper

September 30, 2011 Small Cap - The Big Picture, Part Two
SGA believes this under-representation will underpin future opportunities for alpha, as investors become more aware of the international small cap markets and their relative performance.

In Part Two, we continue our analysis to see what is available for investors in the international small cap space. It may come as no surprise that there are far more U.S. small cap managers (596) than international (73) according to eVestment Alliance data as of 6/30/11. And the differences don’t stop there. Click here to read the review.

September 14, 2011 - Fundamentals for the Long Run
Do fundamentals still matter? The answer depends on your time frame. That’s according to a paper presented at last month’s Chicago Quantitative Alliance conference. SGA’s Senior Portfolio Manager Mark Wimer, CFA, was there and shares details of that and other presentations. Click here to read Mark’s report.

May 18, 2011 - Decision Theory Seminar
The study of how psychology and neuroscience can explain asset bubbles was among the topics discussed at the CFA Society of Chicago’s Decision Theory seminar in May. SGA’s Senior Portfolio Manager Mark Wimer, CFA, attended and shares his notes on what he learned. Click here to read Mark’s report.

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